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Reliability, Quality, Shock & Vibration, Design Assurance

we are unmatched in extensive software tools, training, consulting, and our prices

We also specialize in Shock & Vibration see VibrationShock.Com

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Design for Reliability Software line

DfRSoftware ($285- $395)

Use Anytime, Anywhere, No Networking Required

Easy to Use: Videos & Pop-Up Instruction, See Videos Instructions Click Here

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Everything for Design Assurance in One Tool

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·Reliability Plotting (Weibull etc.)   ·Reliability Statistics  ·Field Return Analysis

  ·System Reliability   ·Software Reliability (G-O Model etc., New!)

·Acceleration Models      ·Automated Qual Plans  ·Accelerated Test Plans

·Design FMEA  ·Parametric Reliability Analysis  · HALT · Reliability Growth  

·Environmental Profiling (CALT like analysis but easier to apply) ·MTBF Predictions

·Derating Guidelines  · Engelmaier BGA Fatigue Life Model


·SPC Control Charts  ·Normal & Lognormal Probability Plotting  ·Lot Sample Plans 

·Cpk -Six Sigma Yield Analysis ·Field Return Analysis  ·Availability & Sparing

Design of Experiments With Multiple Regression (DOE New!)


·A Library of Analysis Tools, PoF Knowledge, Design Guidelines, and DfRQ Tests


·Thermal Analysis · Electrical Analysis· Corrosion Prevention  

· Misc Tools-DfRQ Cost Analysis     · Engineering Conversions

· Electrostatic Discharge Design & Guidelines   · Skin Depth Engineering


· Vibration - Shock Analysis & Accelerated Test Plans  · Isolator Design 

· Steinberg Model· Random, Sine, Sine on Random · Drop Shock & ED Shock


Design for Reliability Software line

DfRSoft Assurance Classes 

(Course Available at Your Company or on-line)

Two Day Courses (Available On Line or In-Person)

Design for Reliability & Quality On-Line (2 Days )

or call for In House Training

Shock & Vibration - Test, Design, & Design Assurance

(2 Days June 23-24, 2015 in Cincinnati, OH)

DfRSoft Modular Classes (You Select Your Subjects)

Short Courses (Webinar Dates 2015)

Understanding Shock & Vibration, On-Line or Webinar October 21, 2015 (3.5 Hours)

Vital Methods for Reliability and Quality - (3.5 Hours, next class May 13, 2015)

Accelerated Testing, Design & Analysis (4 Hrs. July 8, 2015)

Advanced ESD Practices, Audits, Investigations & Design (3 Hrs., TBA)

Please Benchmark our brochure with any other courses. You will find we are by far Best in Class.

All course include free consulting anytime on course material.

Training Testimonials

Design for Reliability Software line

Full Reliability Consulting & Training Services

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Purchase Choice Information: DfRSoft 2015 Life Computer Copy (if you change computers there is a minor charge of a new key). For Network License email us for this request. Upgrade cost or 1.5 year student edition is only $150.  DfRSoft Lifetime Plus Copy $395 is for customers wanting unlimited free updates (plus access to Physics of Failure Library, ESD & Derating Guides, HALT Guide & Calculator, MTBF Predictions).

About DfRSoft Assurance and the Classes

DfRSoft Assurance Classes, Software, Training & Consulting are unmatched in the industry. We provide the only low priced high value powerful Design for Reliability, Quality, and Engineering software. Our classes and software are practical and comprehensive for commercial use. An easy to use software with built in video instructions and pop-up help in friendly Excel format. It is mobile software that you can use without a company's mainframe anywhere and anytime. Our classes provide more technical knowledge and cover more material than any other courses. We strive to help industry design in reliability & quality. DfRSoft also provides reasonably priced consulting. Current classes include, Design for Reliability & Quality (a fast paced 2-day course that jump starts ones knowledge with DfRQ Software use), Shock & Vibration - Test, Design, & Design Assurance (2-day fast paced course that is unmatched in the industry), Understanding Shock & Vibration (3.5 hour webinar), and Advanced ESD Auditing and Design. Our DfRQ class can be tailored to a companies needs and its length varies between 2 or 3 days. Software is a major learning tool as exercises can be done fast and more material can be covered in a shorter time. All our classes are also available anytime in video format.

Questions: Contact Dr. Alec Feinberg (Call About Consulting)
dfrsoft@gmail.com, dfrsoft@dfrsoft.com or support@dfrsoft.com

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