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(Requires 32 or 64 Bit Excel 2007 or Later)




General Instructions: Download the trial version. After download, slide the application out from the zip folder to your desktop and double click on each to see which works. You must remove DfRSoft from the Zip Folder before double clicking it. You do not have to email us a registration request with your computer ID on the trial copy, only after purchase. The trial copy should work right away without any obligation on your part free for 30 days. Some parts of the software are not active on the trial version.


Mac Users: You must have virtual windows, we recommend Parallels for a Windows Partition with Excel Installed. Install Parallels on your Mac and run Windows in a virtual machine with actual MS Excel on it.


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Questions email: support@dfrsoft.com)


DfRSoft Lifetime: Key holders of the lifetime copy can download DfRSoft for new updates anytime - always posted here. The update is noted by the date on the index page.


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