System Reliability with Parallel Redundancy Analysis In DfRSoft

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System Reliability Analysis with Parallel System Redundancy (Module 4): Items in Series or Parallel, block diagram entry, up to 20 subsystems with each subsystem allowing up to 40 entries for a total of 800 items. Work in either MTBF or failure rate units. System reliability analysis includes friendly block diagram entry format - simple transfer to power point of word document via copy paste.   Quickly solve for parallel redundancy items whether it be 2 or 3 items in parallel or complex configurations such as N items out of K in Parallel. Parallel items with different FR and Repair Rates assessment, Standby and Active Parallel Units, Two Units with Switching, Active and Standby with Imperfect Switching. This in combination with DfRSoft's Availability Spares module allows for excellent logistic studies. DfRSoft also has modules for Telcordia and 217 predictions. Also of some related interest may be our module on software reliability predictions. All included in DfRSoft with purchase.

System Reliability