Reliability Plotting with Weibull, Lognormal, Exponential Results In DfRSoft

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Reliability Plotting (Modules 2&3):  DfRSoft is easy to use for Reliability plotting. You can enter your data with or without Suspensions, Group or non-Group data. DfRSoft will plot Weibull Maximum Likelihood Estimate, Weibull, Regression, Lognormal Regression, Exponential and Normal regression results. DfRSoft also provides the Three-Parameter Weibull Analysis with the option to over-ride gamma if you so chose. Confidence bounds both single-sided and two-sided options displayed graphically and analytically. Another good feature is the ability to do Mixed Multi-modal analysis (as many modes as in your data can be separated using DfRSoft's iterative method). If you do not have a lot of data, say one failure you can also do small sample size Weibull-Bayesian ("WeiBayes") MLE analysis as well as Bayesian method for Weibull Regression Beta over-ride entry and Lognormal small sample size sigma-over ride analysis. DfRSoft Best Predictor - which distribution is best predictor of entered data.  Excel friendly graphics interface –easily change titles, scales, grid lines, copy and past to word documents…)

Weibull MLE Plot, Weibull Regression, Lognormal reliability plot



Here is a great article on Reliability Plotting that may be of interest to the reader. Reliability Statistics Simplified (Coming Soon)

General Distribution Shapes: Once a distribution key parameters are know such as Weibull characteristic life and beta, then quick plots for the distributions can be obtained over any time period for: Exponential, Weibull, Lognormal, Normal. Simply enter the distribution key parameters. Plots include, PDF, CDF, Reliability, and the Hazard Rate. Alternately use the Reliability Statistics and Confidence area for predictions (see description below).