Option 3: DOWNLOAD Macro DfRSoft's Test File

(Requires Macro Enabled Excel 2007 or Later)

Only for users having problems launching DfRSoft in Options 1 or 2 - Read below note

How to Enable Macros in Excel 2007, 2010, 2013 Click Here

Why Option 3 Test File: Some users have problems with Option 1 or 2 for various reasons. Simply download this Macro Excel test file - note you must first enabling macros in your Excel to learn how to enable macros in Excel click here or google it. If you are successful in opening the file, email your request with your name, company and contact information and we will send you Macro DfRSoft Trial Copy, which we know will work if this test file works. If you are a PC owner with Excel 2007 and cannot open this file after Macros are enabled then you need to get the free Excel upgrade to MS Service Pack 2 or 3 by Microsoft: GO HERE