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 Engineering Conversions: A highly practical engineering set of conversion tools needed everyday for reliability, mechanical, and electrical engineering. Failure Rate Conversion (Exponential Distribution), Temperature Conversion, Length Conversion, Energy & Work & Torque, Power dBm  <-> Watts, Voltage to Power in dBm with Load , dB &  Insertion Loss, Foward & Reflected Power - VSWR & Return Loss, 3-Phase Voltage - Current - Power conversion, Mass Conversions, Volume Conversions, Pressure & Gage Pressure Conversions, Density & Mass with look up tables, Altitude versus Pressure and Temperature, Time-Hours-Minutes-Seconds-Weeks-Date-Time test schedule planning, Energy and Wavelength Conversion, E & M Spectrum, Universal Constants, Circular Conversion, Relative Humidity - Dew Point -Temperature - Absolute Humidity-Vapor Pressure-Specific Humidity-Saturated Vapor Pressure Conversion, Local Versus Ambient Relative Humidity, Temp At Die Surface Calculator, American Wire Gauge (AWG), Casimir Effect compared to Electrical Attraction in MEMS

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