Testimonials & Companies Using DfRSoft Lifetime & Taking Our Classes

Companies with Engineers Now Using DfRSoft Lifetime Software:
NASA (KSC), Emerson, Micro Semi, Steris Corp., Sandia National Labs, Hewlett-Packard, Motorola Solutions, National Instruments, Siemens (healthineers), Sierra Wireless (US & Canada), AMD, Northrop Grumman, Mercury Computer, Baker Huges, Nokia, Dell Computer, Raytheon, Vicor Power, Mercury Computer, Free Scale Semiconductor, Hittite Microwave, 3D Systems Corp., Advanced Energy, Tyco Electronics, Alcon Labs, Cooper Lighting, MA/COM Technologies, Flextronics Suzhou, Measurement Specialties - Humirel, Science Applications International, Otis Elevator, KCI Technologies, Vicor Power, Toyon Research Corp., Ballard Power Systems, Arcadis Design Eng., St. Jude Medical, Enecsys Micro Inverters, Leben Technologies, Synthes Anspach, dB Control, Array Converter, Cistel Technologies-Canada, NuTune, Life Size Communications, iDirect, DMK Light Solutions, Sinorel Beijing, Selex Galileo - UK, Kolorrol Energy, Abound Solar, Cobhan-Electronic Systems, Autoliv Inc., Woodward Inc, Framo-Engineering, Integrated Biometrics, Virtium, Sigvardsson Consulting - Sweden, Plasma-Therm LLC, Resultsma, Fucinari Consulting, Physio-Control Inc, McClean Consulting, Schlumberger Rosharon Campus, Enecsys Limited Inverter Systems, Samtec, D-Scope Tech, Net Gear, Cobham, Quenton Consultant, Rosen Aviation, Amazon, Emerson, Canadian Space Agency, Phyaio-control, tyconsystems, neutronix ltd uk, Cistel, Steris, NavAir, NASA, MotorolaSolutions, Amazon, Shimadzu, Kirchler, Bendix, Microsemi, Dytran...

Some Testimonials On the Software:
Robert Brown - Reliability Engineer, Selex Galileo, UK: "The Software is an extraordinary useful set of DfR tools in one package and a comprehensive data source."

Daniel Landry, Quality Manager, LifeSize Communications: "The amount of product provided for the cost of this tool is impressive! My original use is for field returns and system reliability analysis."
Jim Wilson - Reliability Engineering, AMD: "I have been using this just about daily now, I like the Excel layout as I find it intuitive to use with the handy pop up instructions right there."
Lea Su, Reliability Engineer, Flextronics: DfRSoft software is really a great low cost, straight forward tool to help engineers quickly learn and conduct reliability analysis. The tool combines a lot of reliability analyses in one place to help users easily overview all related reliability methods instead of having to buy high cost software that only does one specific task. I’m very impressive with this tool and recommend it to my colleagues.
Mathias Sigvardsson, ILS Engineer: "I use DfRSoft for spare parts and system reliability calculations. DfRSoft is the easiest program to use that I've ever tried. It is also very easy to export calculations in e.g. a word document and adjust what you want to show. I wanted a custom adaptation which DfRSoft arranged immediately. I can really recommend this program."
Peter Ersland - M/A-COM Technologies: I can recommend this software for all its tools. We constantly use it for Chi-squared Acceleration Qualification Test Planning and its everyday general reliability tools.
C. R. - Sr. Quality Engineer, National Instruments: "Using the Field Return module to investigate some returns, working great, so much easier to use than ReliaSoft for quick Analysis."

Ira Cohen - Reliability Engineer, Advanced Energy: "The software appears overwhelming, as in what an incredible wealth of information provided in one location!"

Mark Raggo - Quality Engineer, Sierra Wireless: "I am blown away by how comprehensive these accumulation of models and formulas are! Very cool stuff! This really moved me forward with understanding how all this hooks together... thanks."

Nikesh Dhar - Reliability Engineer, Abound Solar:" I have found DfRSoft to be my primary tool that I uses for reliability engineering, I use it regularly for Accelerated Test Planning, Chi-squared analysis, Reliability Weibull Plotting, and really like the handy EE engineering and failure rate conversion tools...it does so much more than just analyze data. It is an everyday type of tool to use."
Ali Kafi - Reliability Engineer, Array Converter: "What a great software. It has all the calculators that I need and more."
Yolanda Ma - Sinorel, Beijing: Sinorel reliability conducted a full evaluation for sales in China and gave DfRSoft a full recommendation.

Companies who have taken a DfRSoft's Course:
Practical Reliability Engineering: Genesis Robotics (Vancouver, CA)

I wanted to Thank You as well for coming all the way up to Vancouver and being able to provide the training in person. I believe that made a huge difference and helped me out with my ultimate goal for this training, getting everybody on board on the Reliability initiatives that I have for the company. And also, thank you for customizing the training material to fit our needs that was also highly appreciated!


Overall, based on the comments I received verbally from my colleagues, they really liked the training, found the content to be very enlightened for the Reliability testing and the Physics of Failures topics. Another common comment was that you were very knowledgeable in the Reliability and a nice friendly instructor. They were pleased that they attended. J


And one specific comment I got from Alix is:


It was a real pleasure of having Dr Alec Feinberg in house for a 2-day training on Reliability.

Having a mechanical engineering background, I was unfamiliar with reliability, but thanks to this training, I can now see how important reliability is.

Reliability is a Science in its own right, and thanks to Dr Feinberg’s huge technical knowledge and teaching quality, I now have the opportunity to use smart tools and tips on my company’s prototypes.

Thanks again Alec, we were honoured to have you here!

Design for Reliability and Quality: Navair, Wabtec, Steris, Genesis Robotics, Sierra Wireless (US & Canada), Hewlett-Packard Barcelona & China, Plasma-Therm, Abbottsford Solar Systems, Industrial Automated Systems, Ballard Power Systems, Abbott Medical Optics, M/A-COM, Tyco Electronics, Northrop Grumman, TE Connectivity, Bard Access Systems, IRobot, Mentor Graphics, Waters Corp., Bendix, SCI, Applied Materials, Phillips Healthcare, Cisco, Emerson, Cincinnati sub-zero, Extreme Networks, Google, Inc., John Deere, Nifisk-Advance, Nordam, Phillips Healthcare,  Phoseon Technology, Sensus, UTC Aerospace Systems, Volvo, Wabtec Railway Electronics, Watlow Industries, Cummins Filtration, Frontier Wind, Hayward Pool Products, Hussman, Scweitzer Engineering, Rockwell Automation, Satcom Direct, Radiometer Medical, Eaton's Cooper Lighting, IAS Inc, Solar Systems,  ...

Shock & Vibration - Test & Design: Navair, Wabtec, Steris, Canadian Space Agency, Abbott Diabetes Care, Accelerated Reliability Solutions, Aeroflex - UTMC, Agilent Technologies (Malaysia), Airbus Deutschland GmbH, Alcon Laboratories, Aviage Systems, Avid Technology, B/E Aerospace, Baker Hughes, Bell Helicopter Textron Canada Ltd., Boeing Company, Boston Scientific, Bote Engineering, Ciateq, Cincinnati Sub-Zero, Cisco Systems, Cooper Lighting, Cray Inc, Custom Microwave Inc, Digi International, Dytran Instruments, Eaton Aerospace, EFW Inc, Emerson Process Mgmt/Micro Motion, Extron Electronics, Frontier Wind, GM Fuel Cell Activities, Goodrich Landing Gear, Haibel Engineering LLC, Hewlett-Packard, IBM Canada, International Rectifier, John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group, Kidde Aerospace & Defense, Lexmark International, MCD, Mine Radio Systems Inc, National, Renewable Energy Laboratory, Nonin Medical, Orbital Sciences Corp, Otis Elevator, Pacific Scientific - Energetic Materials Div, Philips Healthcare, Philips Lighting, QinetiQ North America, RDP Corp, SAAB Group, Samtec, Sandia National Laboratories, Seagate Technology, Sikorsky Aircraft, Sitec, Solar Systems, Space Systems/Loral, St Jude Medical, TCB Technologies, TecRep Corp, Teleflex Ltd, United Technology Aerospace Systems, Visteon Corp, Wabtec Railway Electronics, Watlow Industries, Woodward Industrial Controls, Boehringer Ingelhelm, FCI USA inc, Nordam Group, Ultra Electronics TCS, Vega Americas, NavAir, Steris, Wabtec, Genesis Robotics...

Advanced ESD Practices, Audits, Investigations & Design: NavAir, Wabtec, Baker Hughes, Sierra Wireless, Mine Radio Systems Inc, Sandia National Laboratories, Hewlett-Packard Barcelona, Plasma-Therm, Abbottsford Solar Systems, Industrial Automated Systems, Ballard Power Systems, Abbott Medical Optics, M/A-COM, Tyco Electronics, Northrop Grumman, TE Connectivity, RDP Corp, Ciateq

Some Testimonials On the Design for Reliability & Quality Course:
Li-Qiang, HP Shanghai (34 Students): Thanks a lot for the training, this is the best ever training I have in Reliability. Really Appreciate it!
Jia-si Gu, HP Shanghai (34 Students): Thank you so much for the incredible sharing of reliability engineering. I do like your theory plus example style of teaching
Vicenc Llorenc, Product HW Quality Manager, HP Barcelona (14 Students): The feedback from the people about the DfRQ course was very positive, it was a good job teaching. So I hope to be able to pay for more classes.
Angleat S. (Defense Industry): DfRQ video course format was great for my work schedule. Great review course, examples were easy to understand, I got their software which was excellent for the course and my job. The Special Topics info was good. I'm applying the info daily in my job. Recommend this class.
Alma Ramirez, Reliability Eng., Ballard Power Systems (10 Students) - I was very satisfied with the DfRQ course. It was one of the best useful trainings I have taken, considering the amount of information that was covered in the short time frame. I would rate this course as a 9 out or 10. I would definitely recommend this course! I also found their software to be
very helpful.
Bill Gilbert, Reliability Eng., Sierra Wireless, Carlsbad, CA (6 Students) - This is an excellent DfRQ training course and I have recommended it to another company.
Gene Bridgers, Reliability Engineer, Results MA/Tyco Electronics (12 Students) - This is an exceptional course for DfR. I have provided a full excellent recommendation on this course and the DfRSoft software to other companies.
Peter Ersland , Reliability Engineer, M/A-COM Technologies (12 Students) - I have fully recommended this course to other companies and the DfRSoft software.
Marco Tozzini, Siera Wireless, Vancouver (7 Students): Excellent training, this course is very applicable, good examples and very relevant.

Some Testimonials On the Shock & Vibration Test, Design and Assurance Course:
Kim Mitchiner, Ph.D., Quality Engineer, Sandia National Labs (22 Students) - I have taken the Shock and Vibration course and found it to be excellent training. I have recommended DfRSoft's training to other companies.
Michael Maszkiewicz, Canadian Space agency (24 Students), The Shock & Vibration Design course was well structured, methodic, clear presentation. The instructor has a very high knowledge, good style and rate of presentation
P. Vincent, Canadian Space Agency (24 Students): Good examples and complete overview of Shock &Vibration design and quality. Instructor is really knowledgeable.
Dave Dominique,  Canadian Space Agency (24 Students): Covers very well a lot of aspects of mechanical engineering providing knowledge in vibration & shock
Louis-Paul Bedard, Canadian Space Agency (24 Students): Knowledge of the lecturer is un-matched, having the slides and software is great for reference. Instructor is very dedicated, keeps his attention and focus throughout.
J. Kopec, FCI USA LLC (7 Students), I found it very beneficial doing the exercises to see the equations used to solve the problems and very helpful using the DfRSoftware as well.
Omar Shawesh, Woodward, Colorado (15 Students): I would recommend this course to others. The skills/concepts  taught are directly relevant to the demands of my job. The examples were great learning tool. The instructor was very knowlegable.
Ron Dean, Woodward, Colorado (15 Students): I found this course very helpful for my work and would recommend this course to others. The instructor's knowledge was great and good examples.
Jean-Paul Clech: I needed this as a refresher course but I learned a lot of unexpected new stuff too.